Monday, 30 July 2012


 The Opening Ceremony was bonkers, bold, brilliant and so typically British. From flying cyclists and flaming petals to a parachuting Queen. Danny Boyle’s £27million showstopper was an electrifying experience seen by millions around the world. The high-octane musical celebration of British history and culture rolled to the rock of the Beatles, the Stones and The Who. It was inspired by Shakespeare's "TheTempest" and spliced together by highly acclaimed British director. 

I Don’t believe I have ever felt so patriotic, but lately I have gone Union Jack mad and wearing red blue and white wherever possible. I have been hooked to the TV watching all kinds of sports, I was so glued to the archery yesterday that anyone in the room would think I was a professional. In the words of Boris Johnson my ‘Olympo-mania’ has gone ‘Zoink’! I have been excited about team GB’s sporting uniform since it was revealed that fashion designer Stella McCartney was developing them. 

Not being biased in any way but Team GB sure does look very stylish. The athletes' parade during Friday's opening ceremony might as well have been a catwalk show, with some of fashion's biggest names such as Armani, Prada, Ralph Lauren, and of course our own homegrown Stella McCartney designing the team uniforms. Many in the fashion industry are already calling this the most stylish Olympics ever.

Stella McCartney has worked with Adidas to design the sporting gear for Britain's home team, though the outfits weren't on show last Friday as athletes covered up in white and gold tracksuits designed by NEXT. McCartney's gear takes inspiration from the iconic Union flag, but she said she deconstructed it to make it "more delicate and feminine." Red is sparingly used to highlight a palette that mostly features white and shades of blue turquoise, navy, and cobalt. It is slick, patriotic and at times extremely tight-fitting. 

McCartney said, "I hope I have managed to do Great Britain proud, and hopefully the nation will like it." She added: “The first place to start on a project like this is to look at the Union flag. For me it's one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way.” “Ultimately, we wanted the athletes to feel like a team and be proud with the identity we created.”

As for the next Olympic Games… Beat that Brazil!

What do you think of team GB’s uniforms?

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